Visiting Duke’s Campus

Last week, before the Language Institute started -I promise that in my next post I will talk about it- we finally had the chance to do a small tour around Duke’s Campus. It was a really hot and humid Sunday evening, and the campus was almost empty. We were told that things change completely during the school year.

First, we visited Duke’s Chapel, a really beautiful building that really impressed us, as we thought it would be much more smaller than it actually is. It was built in 1932 and is around 65 m tall -210 feet.

Duke ChapelIt’s worth mentioning that the whole campus -actually all Durham and most North Carolina- is surrounded by forests, so in most pics you’ll see many trees, green grass and even animals!

3 out of 5 the Spaniards who will start the MBA at Fuqua this year, I’m in the middle

My wife, our dog and I at Duke's Chapel

My wife, our dog and I at Duke’s Chapel

We also went to visit the football and baseball stadiums. We left the best for another day: the basketball stadium. Duke is really famous for its basketball team, and all of us are already looking forward to watch and cheer the Blue Devils.

Duke's football stadiumAnd finally, we decided to go and visit Fuqua. I will post some pictures of the building later on, but I wanted to share this with you: from left to right, Alberto, Adán and I anxious to start our MBA experience at Fuqua!

First time ever at Fuqua


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