Fuqua: The Language Institute

Yesterday I finished the first part of my MBA at Fuqua: The Language Institute (LI). This program is exclusive for international students, and is designed to prepare us for the beginning of the program. Not all international students decide to take it, and some decide to waive it.

The program lasted for two weeks and it has been quite intense, specially this week, when we had to prepare several cases, both individually and among teams. We got some useful insight about the US culture, Durham and North Carolina. We also received specific training, based on our mother language, to improve our pronunciation and lots of information and material to start working on our resume and preparing for interviews, giving us a competitive advantage over the rest of our classmates. I will appreciate this in september, when recruiting begins.

The program was held in Fuqua, and I just can say that the school is amazing! The facilities are in perfect conditions and building is very bright. As second years are away working on their summer internships and most of first years haven’t started the program yet, the school was really quite and empty. This is how the Fox Center looked like during our first day.

Fox Center

Up to 80 international students participated in The Language Institute, representing 18 countries of the world:

LI - Representation by country

We  had the chance to meet some second year students and others who just graduated. They gave us a lot of tips to survive the coming months -we have been told several times that soon we will be overwhelmed by classes, assignments, team meetings and recruiting- and information about the recruiting process for international students.

One of the things that I most valued about the program was the opportunity of meeting almost a quarter of my future classmates, and to practice in a class environment before the real MBA kicks off. Also, now I can improve my resume and start preparing for recruiting events -they usually begin in September- as I received so much information and practice.

Also, as an LI student, I will have the chance of having a weekly meeting with a tutor, who will help me for the next two years with anything I might need, from mock interviews, to coaching or even improving my pronunciation.

Last Monday we were divided in groups of 16 students, and then in teams of 4. We were asked to prepare several cases together, presenting our initial observations and final proposals to the other teams. One team would be presenting, another acting as the audience and the last one giving feedback.

My SF team

With some classmates after our case presentations -I’m the one with the green jersey

Yesterday, after our classes finished, we went to a BBQ hosted by a group of Israelis, whom did not participate in the LI, at Station 9 -popular apartments near the school. Around 100 students, both LI and non-LI students, enjoyed our first big gathering and had a really great time. My list of Facebook friends is growing incredibly fast these days!

BBQ at S9

Thanks you guys for such an amazing two weeks!

Language Institute, Class 2015


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