End of Fall Term 1

The end of fall term 1 is here. Tomorrow I’ll have my last economics class. Over the last six weeks, I have studied courses that I had never taken before, such as accounting and economics, and others that turned out to be extremely useful, such as management communication.

I really enjoyed accounting, and the different ways and incentives that drive companies to present information in one way or another. We had to prepare assignments for each class, so it was very time consuming. I believe that my knowledge about businesses has increased significantly thanks to this class.

I also took statistics, a course that I have never enjoyed in the past, but that this time was really fun. My professor, Alex Belloni, successfully managed to keep me engaged through most of my stats classes. I never imagined that I could laugh so hard while learning (or at least trying 🙂 ) about regressions…

The class that I enjoyed the most was economics. For instance, I learned about game theory,  supply and demand. I found this class to be extremely useful, and have already used some of the concepts that I learned in real life examples. We did several exercises in class to experience everything that we were learning. For instance, in one of these activities, half of the class was selling barrels of oil and the other half was buying. We had to consider aspects such as costs when setting selling prices and buyers had to maximize profits. It was amazing experiencing price wars and how difficult is to get out from them.

However, I believe that the best class during this term was management communication. In this course we were learned how to structure our speeches, how to speak in public, give feedback and keep track of our time while we present. Is almost certain that any MBA will use these skills almost every day in the future.

And now is time to prepare for the finals, which will start next Thursday and will last three days. At the same time I am studying, I have to continue preparing myself for recruiting: reaching out to second years and alumni, doing informational interviews, going to corporate events and office hours…

Studying for finals, but always with recruiting in the back of my head

Studying for finals, but always with recruiting in the back of my head


4 thoughts on “End of Fall Term 1

  1. Once you get them under your belt you will need to share the top tips from your management communications class! Statistics surprised me too – once I got over the shock of revisiting maths I hadn’t done since high school, I realised it’s actually interesting and useful! Now when I hear “Studies show…” I find myself talking back to the newsreader “Yes, but was it a truly representative sample?! And is the relationship really causal or just correlative?!” My course is mainly done through online learning so we miss out on most of the practical exercises, sounds like fun. Good luck!

    • Thanks Maggie!
      I will definitely write about presentation skills, they are extremely valuable.
      Stats was fun and useful, is amazing how much info you can get from some “studies” 🙂

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