One Down, Two More to Go

My classmates and I were 100% concentrated, you could not hear a thing in the classroom. Suddenly, somebody slams the doors open and screams: “why are you guys so quite!?”. Everyone jumped from their chairs and turned to see our Stats professor smiling at the front door. We were in the middle of our final.

Our awesome Stats professor -is not like if I’m trying to get extra credit-, Alex Belloni, went to the center of the room laughing and asking if we were doing OK. Nobody could believe what was happening, and for some seconds we forgot that we were doing our final exam, and that time was an issue. He told us that we should pick up something from a box he was holding once we turned in our test. This is what it was inside.

Red M&Ms customized by our Stats professors

Red M&Ms customized by our Stats professors: I love stats

This is the kind of environment and situations that you should expect at The Fuqua School of Business. For some people (me included), there is no room in the school for words such as seriousness, stress, sadness or negativeness. You can expect the unexpected.

Yesterday evening, when our back and shoulders most needed it, many Fuqua students received a free massage to relieve whatever tension we might had. It was great. This is one of the benefits of being part of the Duke University.

Free massages the day before our finals start

Going back to the test, I think it went alright. One down, two more to go: Economics and Accounting. Let’s go get ’em!!


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