Last Two Weeks of Fall Term 2 and MBA Rankings

After a relaxing break with my family and friends, is time to go back to class. Fuqua students had a 5 day Thanksgiving break. I was one of the few students who stayed in Durham doing mock interviews, casing with classmates, catching up on academics… and doing some shopping during Black Friday!

Empty Fox Center during Thanksgiving break

Empty Fox Center during Thanksgiving break

One more thing that I did over the break was to apply to several internship positions for next summer. This actions is also know as “resume drops”. After attending many corporate events, meeting lots of recruiters and employees from various companies, is time to decide what do I want to do over the summer (and possibly after my MBA), for which company do I want to work for, and in what city do I want to live. Too many important decisions!

I focused my recruiting process on the industries I am most passionate about and where I have professional experience: consulting and high tech. I also explored other options, such as marketing, general management, sports,  media and entertainment. One of my MBA goals is to learn as much as possible and have a broad understanding of the different industries and roles within a company.

To be ready for interviews, which will start in early January, candidates must be prepared to do a case interview. A case interview is a way of testing how candidates think, test their stress level, their imagination, their strategic thinking, business knowledge… The interviewer will read a sentence or two about a business problem, and the candidate has to solve it, asking for relevant information, identifying the root of the problem, and making reasonable recommendations. I am really enjoying casing and have seen an improvement over the last week.

But focusing in recruiting is not the only thing I am doing lately. We have finals coming up in two weeks! Fall term 2 is rapidly coming to an end, and I want to be ready for it. This term we have the following classes:

  • Management Communication II
  • Global Financial Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Foundations of Strategy

Is amazing how much I am learning and all the exposure I am getting to different parts of a business. I am enjoying all my classes, and I think they are extremely valuable for any MBA student. This is one of the things that I like most about Fuqua: it prepares its students to be leaders, regardless of the career path they want to follow.

And talking about Fuqua, we made number 9 in the latest Poets & Quants MBA ranking, going up 1 position from last year -only top-10 MBA program that improved from last year! This is great news, and reaffirms my believe that Fuqua is doing things right and one of the best MBA programs in the world. Go Duke!!

Pets&Quants MBA ranking 2013


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