Consulting Recruiting: Is Closed Lists Time!

My recruiting experience started back in September. Less than two months after I got to the US, I was already engaging with employees from different companies, learning about their jobs, and their companies. Today, after three months of events and networking, I can say that the first part of my recruiting process for consulting is over. I have been invited to interview with four consulting firms!

Next, I will explain the three phases of the recruiting process for consulting: networking, interview, and summer internship.

First Phase: Networking

Right from the beginning, MBAs have to start networking with practitioners from different firms. The goal is to get to know these people, learn what they do, how their company is different from another, and most importantly, letting them get to know you.

At Fuqua, we’ve had events with all the important consulting firms: McKinsey, Bain, BCG, Deloitte, and PwC. They’ve been on campus several times, and they have organized several cocktails and dinners with students. Personally, I have even been to Atlanta to visit these firms and get to know them better.

I can’t even remember how many consultants have I met over the last three months. I have connected with more than 50 consultants, and held around half that number of informational interviews. At the end my effort paid off: I have been invited to interview with Bain, Deloitte, McKinsey, and PwC!! I am in the closed lists -first year students they have received and invite to interview- for these firms, and already getting ready for the interview process.


Second Phase: Interview

Now that I know that I will interview with these four firms, is time to prepare myself even more. A consulting interview normally involves two parts: a behavioral interview, where they want to get to know you and decide whether you are a good fit for the school, and a case, which represents a business problem that you have to solve on the spot.

I have my first interview on January 9th. If I am successful, I will make it to the second and last round. First round of interviews consist of at least two back-to-back interviews -two interviews in a row without a break. Most of the first round interviews will be held on campus. Second round interviews are held on the office to which you are recruiting.

Third Phase: Summer internship

Once you have passed all the interviews, students might get an internship offer to work over the summer between their first and second year of MBA. An intern can work up to 12 weeks during the summer, engaging in real projects and proving to the firms that they deserve a full time offer.

If you succeed during the internship, you can get a full time offer after the summer to join the firm, once the MBA is over. After the summer, consulting firms also recruit second year students who didn’t do an internship with them.

To celebrate, my wife decided to take me out for lunch to a place we really like in downtown Durham :).

And tomorrow, when most of my classmates will be enjoying their winter breaks, I will go to Fuqua at 9am to start casing with other brave first years who, like me, are determined to do an awesome job during our interviews in January.

Good luck class of 2015!!!


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