Back to Classes

Is time to go back to class!

Yesterday was the first day of the Spring I term! And today I got to Fuqua at 9 AM to finish some readings and to go over some cases I did last week -I still have one more consulting interview.

Ready to start Spring term

At a Team Room, ready to start Spring term in the best possible way

Is being a month since the last time we had classes! The winter break is officially over. And I mean “officially” because for many of us it’s being business as usual: preparing interviews, doing cases, practicing STAR stories… Additionally, last week I started my MBA interviews for a summer internship position. I will write a post about it next week.

This term I will take three classes:

  • Operations Management: My first operations class of the MBA. I already went over my first case for today’s class. I believe this course will be really useful in the future and will teach me the basics of Operations, a key component of most businesses.
  • Corporate Finance: One of my areas for improvement and one of the reasons I came to business school, as I wanted to understand these concepts. I am determined to become confident about finance. This one will be the second class I take at Fuqua about finance -I took the core finance class during the Fall II term.
  • Information Management: Great class to get more experience around ways of getting the most out of data. We will use Excel to transform this data into useful information. I find this class extremely important both for any summer internship and for the future.

I decided to take only three classes because most of the interviews will take place between January and March. I want to have more time to prepare them. For some of my interviews I will  have to travel to the city I am applying for the job, which will force me to miss classes. I didn’t want to take many classes that I would later have to miss because of recruiting.


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