Recruiting Stories: Traveling for Interviews

It’s recruiting time! That time of the year when MBA students are checking their emails every 30 seconds and when our hearts jump at the moment our phone starts ringing, eagerly waiting to hear back from the companies we are recruiting for. If I check Facebook now, I will see that half of my classmates are flying to different cities in the US. Is time to travel for interviews and look for a summer internship!

Last Monday I went to New York to do one of my interviews. The company paid the trip, which I appreciated a lot! I had my interview at 10:45 am and I had to wake up really, really early! I didn’t want any surprises on my trip and wanted to get there far in advance.

I scheduled my flight back so that I would have enough time to walk around New York. This is one of the things that I miss the most at Durham: to be able to walk! Durham is a car city and some roads don’t even have sidewalks! So there I was, suit and nice shoes, walking around New York and bearing temperatures of 35ºF (around 2ºC). I walked for more than 3 hours! I visited Times Square, the 5th Avenue, saw the Empire State, went to the Washington Square Park, and walked around New York University’s campus.

Next you can see some of the pictures I took during my visit.

Bryant Park

Bryant Park

Times Square

Times Square – The company that I interviewed for has their offices here!

Flatiron Building

Flatiron Building

The Empire State

The Empire State

Next week I’ll have to travel again for another interview. Next destination: Atlanta!


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