Final Round Interviews in Atlanta

Last week I traveled to Atlanta for final round interviews for a consulting firm. This was the second time I visited Atlanta, as I already went last year during Fuqua’s Week in the Cities.

I traveled to Atlanta on Thursday, as the company that I was interviewing with had organized a dinner at an awesome restaurant located on a 72nd floor: Sun Dial. Below, you can see some of the pictures of the place, amazing!

Restaurant with rotational floor, you have 360º views to Atlanta

Restaurant with rotational floor, 360º views to Atlanta

Sun Dial II

Before dinner, I had the chance of taking a walk around downtown with some of my classmates who were also there for the interview. It was really cold outside, so we went back to hour hotel shortly after.

Dinner lasted for several hours, and I had the chance to get to know new consultants, as well as to catch up with some that I already met before. The environment was relaxed and fun. In my table there was a Brazilian with whom I talked a lot about the next World Cup in Brazil. Damn I love talking about soccer!

We went to our hotel early, as we had to be in the office at 7:30 am on the next day. I barely could sleep! I was constantly going over my stories and thinking about possible questions I might be asked. The alarm went off and I had that feeling of just closing my eyes for the first time. 6 am, interview day.

We had breakfast in the office with several consultants. They gave us an introduction, wished us good luck, and off we went to meet our interviewers.

I had three interviews that day, having a good feeling about all of them. I kept a very positive attitude during the whole process, something that I believe to be critical when interviewing. Without even realizing it, the interviews were over. We went out for lunch, had a Q&A session and headed to a bar for a happy hour.

We were given the chance to ask some questions right before the happy hour, and I asked the following: when was the last time you were in a happy hour organized by the firm? Several consultants laughed and the question led to several follow ups. I knew then that this firm was a great place to work at.

I drank several tequila cocktails and at 5pm took off to the airport. I wrote several thank you notes while waiting at the airport and prepared myself to wait several days until I heard back from them.


Atlanta, my next destination?

Next destination, Atlanta?


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