Spring I Term Finals

And just like that, Spring I term is almost over!

Tomorrow is our last day of class of the term. Right now I am in the library studying for finals -or at least trying to. I have two finals this term: Operations Management on Thursday and Corporate Finance on Friday. I don’t have a final for the third class I was taking this term, Information Management. Instead, we had several assignments and quizzes in a weekly basis for the last six weeks.

Studying Fuqua Spring I finals

Studying for Spring I finals

Even though the weather is awesome and it feels great to be outside, I believe I will be stuck in the library until Friday. As I was already expecting this, I took some time off this weekend and did a lot of things.

On Friday, after Fuqua Friday, I attended Fuqua Vision. Yeah, everything in Duke’s MBA has the word”Fuqua” on the name. For those of you not familiar with these terms, let me explain you what they are.

Fuqua Friday is an event that we celebrate every Friday after class. Is a great opportunity for all the Fuqua community, first and second years, families, and faculty, to get together and celebrate that we made it through another week! Each Fuqua Friday is organized by a different club. We have free food and beverages, music and sometimes a bunch of different activities.

Fuqua Vision is held at the end of every term at Geneen, Fuqua’s main auditorium. It lasts for a couple of hours, where we can see several short movies made up by the club about life at Fuqua. You have a great time with your classmates and family watching people making fun of each other, about events that happened in the school, and so on. I participated on the first Fuqua Vision of the year. You can watch the video here (min 3:05). I would suggest watching first the previos part of the video.

I also had the chance of going to several cafes and bars with friends and watched a musical “The Book of Mormon”. It was the first time we went to see a musical here in Durham, and we were really surprised with the arts center where it was held. I took the following picture after the musical, while walking in downtown Durham.

Durham American Tobacco

Durham’s American Tobacco factory, where you can go to several restaurants and bars

Is time to go back to the books. See you after finals!


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