Second Year Recruiting at Fuqua

Yep! I’m re-recruiting, as they call it in the MBA.

I have a fantastic professor in Negotiations, one of the classes I’m taking this term, and she told us something that should be obvious to all of us. If you don’t negotiate any deal or don’t look for comparisons, how would you ever know whether you could had gotten a better deal or did the right thing?

For reasons such as this one, I decided to go through the painful recruiting process once again. The second year recruiting starts right away, as soon as we got back to Fuqua. We had to drop our resumes after two weeks of starting classes!

I could be playing golf right now or spending time with family and friends. Instead, I’m casing once again and preparing the interviews I have lined up so far. My first interview will be on Monday 6. So far I will interview with McKinsey, Microsoft, and Google. All three interviews are really demanding and challenging. I’m flattered for having the opportunity to discuss my profile and accomplishments with such amazing companies!

SY recruiting

I’m facing this recruiting with a totally different mindset: I already have a great opportunity after my MBA -Deloitte. There is no pressure this time!

I’ll let you how it went in my next post!


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