Winter is Coming to Duke

Undoubtedly, Durham is an amazing and beautiful place. Just this morning I took a picture at one of the paths that take you from the parking lot to school. You could see that winter is coming to Duke! Trees have a wide variety of colors including different shades of red, yellow, brown, pink, and green.

Trees still show a wide variety of colors around Fuqua

And Duke is even better at this time of the year! Basketball season has just begun! A few days ago my I went to watch a friendly match to the Cameron Stadium. I will probably be back to see two more games this week. Let’s Go Duke!

Amazing play during Duke's match by number 15 Jahlil Okafor

Amazing play during Duke’s match by #15 Jahlil Okafor


One thought on “Winter is Coming to Duke

  1. Que suerte! Precisamente el otro día me vi yo un partido de los Blue Devils Football ganando en la prórroga y pensé lo bueno que sería verlo en directo.. jaja.

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