The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is and computer-based adaptive exam required by most MBA programs around the world. The GMAT is a very important aspect of a prospective MBA student’s application.


Business Schools use GMAT scores to determine a student’s academic ability to succeed in graduate business studies, as it measures one’s aptitude towards mathematics and the English language. There are many examination centers around the world and you get your scores right after you finish your test.

You can read my posts about the GMAT visiting this link, or you can check the following list to find useful information about the test:

  1. GMAT test registration.
  2. GMAT AWA template.
  3. GMAT: first attempt.
  4. GMAT: second attempt.
  5. GMAT: third attempt.
  6. GMAT: forth attempt.

Doubts about the test? Feel free to contact me! And if you come from a Spanish-speaking country, I recommend you to visit Club-MBA’s GMAT page and participate in its forum.


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