My Internship Search is Over

It’s official, today I signed my internship offer!! After months of recruiting and several interviews, today I finally made up my mind as to where I will spend the summer.

I will be in Atlanta working for Deloitte as a Summer Associate! I will be working in its technology practice, engaging in strategy projects for high tech companies or technology departments of Deloitte’s clients.  I will continue to fulfill my passion working close to technology at a strategy oriented role.

Deloitte name tagMy interactions with Deloitte have been extremely good since September, when I attended my first event sponsored by the company. During the final round interviews in its office in Atlanta, I got a great impression from everyone I met and could totally see myself working there.

With this decision, I have met the two goals that I wanted to accomplish for my internship: work at a well-known multinational company and gain professional experience in the US. I have developed all my professional experience at small companies, and I wanted to get exposure in a big corporation. Deloitte is one of the biggest consulting firms in the world.

We have already started looking for apartments in Atlanta, where we will spend around 10 weeks. Atlanta is one of the American cities that has experienced the highest growth in the last decade. It is a really affordable city that offers many activities and opportunities, as there are many companies headquartered there.

Atlanta at sunset

Atlanta at sunset. Deloitte’s building is the right one just in the middle of the picture


4 thoughts on “My Internship Search is Over

  1. Congrats on getting the Deloitte offer! I knew a lot of Deloitte BTAs when I lived in DC. Good group of people. I am looking to go into consulting but probably management consulting not technology. I hear if you intern at Deloitte and accept a full time offer then they will pay for your second year of b-school.

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