Blue Devil Weekend: Welcome Class of 2016!

Last weekend was the Blue Devil Weekend (BDW), an event where admitted students of the incoming class of 2016 came to Fuqua to experience what’s the environment like here at the Duke MBA, meet current students, and network with their future classmates. Above all, it was a chance for them to be sure that Fuqua was the right place to do their MBA. The school, thanks to the Spring, was particularly beautiful.

Main entrance of Fuqua on Friday

Main entrance of Fuqua on Friday

The Blue Devil Weekend is mainly organized and managed by students. The whole school participates: financial aid, Career Management Center (CMC)… Fuqua partners did an amazing job taking care of all the partners that came to Durham to visit the school and the city. It’s a full weekend of activities that does a great job letting people know what Fuqua is all about.

I participated in several activities. On Friday, I welcomed all the students and answered all their questions. I kept thinking how life moves so fast! Just a year ago I was on their shoes! I was also part of the 20 students who cheered and greeted every single participant into our main auditorium to hear our Dean’s welcome speech. We also received an unexpected visit, the Blue Devil, Duke’s mascot!!


With the Blue Devil

Afterwards, we welcomed everyone to Fuqua Friday. They were perplexed when they found out that Fuqua Friday was organized every Friday. Yep, free food and drinks every Friday! The Fox Center was crowded! Professors, first and second years, families, and more than 100 visitors in the same place.

On Sunday I participated in a club fair. All the clubs present at Fuqua welcomed the incoming class, answered their questions related to each club, and continued networking. I am the Business Relations Chair of the European Club and the Career Chair in the International Business Club, therefore I was rotating in both of the booths.

With some of the members of the European Business Club

With some of the members of the European Business Club

With the presidents of the International Business Club

With the presidents of the International Business Club

If somebody had doubts before coming to the Blue Devil Weekend, I am sure that they left with a great impression of our school and what Fuqua has to offer. I kept hearing stories of classmates who came to the BDW last year and ended up choosing Fuqua over other schools.

I always say the same, Fuqua keeps surprising you as you keep learning more about the school!


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