The First Year of my MBA is Almost Over

And just like that, both Spring terms have gone by without almost noticing. It feels like yesterday when I was recruiting like crazy, doing interviews, and mock cases during Winter Break.

Last week I had my last classes of the first year of my MBA.

In Competitive Analysis class with Cata, Nico, Santi, Marcelo, and professor Pino

In Competitive Analysis with Cata, Nico, Santi, Marcelo, and professor Pino

There was a mix of excitement, happiness, and sadness. On the one hand, second years were graduating and us, first years, were getting ready to head off for our summer internships. On the other hand, we were saying goodbye to many good friends.

Fuqua second years have been awesome. I have learned a lot from many of them, and have improved considerably thanks to their help. Most of them helped me without having to. This is what Team Fuqua is all about. They spent many hours reviewing my resume and cover letters, casing me, and talking about their experiences over the summer. What’s most important, they really wanted to help me and went the extra mile so that I got everything that I needed from them or other second years. To all of you, thanks!

Now that I’m done with classes, I have even more time to enjoy Durham. I have barely been in my apartment since Friday evening. I have been on a tour in a local brewery, on a BBQ, a surprise birthday party, a birthday party… This is the part of my MBA that I enjoy the most 😉 .

Today I went to take a walk with my wife and our dog around Downtown and through a trail in the forest. Weather was awesome! We love walking and today we enjoyed discovering some new places in Durham.

One of the many example of street art in Durham

One of the many examples of street art in Durham

But before the first year is officially over, I still have to take a final exam. It will last for 24h!! The class is Decision Models, a course that I am really enjoying. We will have to develop different models to solve specific problems. The case component of the class was really interesting, as you learn by real life examples how Decision Models can be applied to help decision making.

Once I’m done with finals, I will have to pack, as I’m going back home: Spain! I will spend most of May there, before going back to the US for my internship. I have to be in Atlanta on June 1st.

I already look forward to having this experience. One of the many more to come in this fantastic journey of my Fuqua MBA.


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